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as a developer and operator of online game products, the company’s game products involve web games and mobile web games. the company is always target at providing good user experience , and is committed to the development and operation of the internet sports game products with high-quality, to enhance the fun of sports enthusiasts through sports digital entertainment services .


established in november 2008, fantasy is mainly focused on the mobile terminal online games (or "hand tour") and of the web game the pc side. it is also the first professional develop company engaged in real time sports web game. in september 2009, fantasy launched the first self-developed basketball sim "fantasy basketball manager", which has been awarded gold web award - the best sim award, issued by 07073 net for two consecutive years. after that, the company successively operated the "dream team" and "basketball 2",which was highly admitted by the market. since 2012, it has successively launched football game "fantasy football manager", "all soccer”. in order to continue strengthening the influence of fantasy in this field, fantasy, after several official negotiations with nba china, obtained the right to use nba intellectual property license in relevant games in the related games, and launched the "us basketball fantasy" (also known as: nba fantasy) in august 2015. this game successfully combined with the best league in basketball field - the nba basketball league to build the first basketball sim web game which 3d was created on the basis of body image of real players. each product operated by the company is for the purpose of being healthy sports games and is fully recognized by the society. the company seeks to become the leader of international sports games.